ABF collaborates
with NewsArmenia.am to bring blockchain education to the new level

10 07 2018
ABF collaborates <br>with NewsArmenia.am to bring blockchain education to the new level

AMI “Novosti-Armenia” and Armenian Blockchain Forum with the support of infrastructure and investment project ECOS are launching the information channel about blockchain and innovativetechnologies.

With a series of educational articles the readers of http://newsarmenia.am/ will discover about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, ICO, smart-contracts and the way the innovative technologies integrate into business, modern economy and public services. Other topics, e.g. AI, neural networks, machine learning and deep learning will be tackled.

The articles are targeted at people with different background: from those who are just starting their journey to real geeks searching for deep analytics and insights.

The program is curated by the Armenian Blockchain Forum Team. On April 22nd, 2018 they have hosted the first blockchain forum in Armenia. It has become the largest blockchain-oriented event in the country. The forum took place at TUMO Center for Creative Technologies and convened about 600 guests including the representatives of the major companies from the innovative technologies market, including IBM, Microsoft, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, NEM, NexChange, Chronobank.io and others, as well as technology experts and the largest investors.

The General Partner is ECOS, international investment holding, incorporating the ecosystem and IT-cluster for hi-tech startups development in the territory of Armenia. The initiative implies the launch of accelerator, R&D Centers and excellence centers for IT-specialists. The emerging of those infrastructure elements will be favourable for the development of the hi-tech market of Armenia. It is worth pointing out that Nikol Pashinyan proclaimed the “development of new, revolutionary ideas” in the field of innovative technologies one of three top priorities of the economic policy presented by the new government. 

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