Press Conference
Digital Spring in Armenia
11 / 04 / 18
Moskovyan 3, 0001 Yerevan, Armenia The Loft Center
KNOW More Join us to discuss the prospects of the blockchain implementation in Armenia. Special guest of the conference Emil Tarasyan, Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Investments.
Visual Game Development
20 / 04 / 18
16 Halabyan str., Yerevan, Armenia Tumo Center for Creative Technologies
KNOW More VRT World is an innovative platform and a marketplace for VR-startups and their products aimed at developers, consumers and businesses integration.
Peter Gelardi Mikkelsen
21 / 04 / 18
15 Khorenatsi str., Yerevan 0010, Armenia «Elite Plaza» Business Centre
KNOW More Find out why should we care about the blockchain and what opportunities it gives to business. Students will learn about the career perspective and new occupations on the forming market.
Blockchain Forum
22 / 04 / 18
16 Halabyan str., Yerevan, Armenia TUMO Center for Creative Technologies
KNOW More Armenian Blockchain Forum is an international educational and networking event gathering the key blockchain market players to share expertise, grow business and develop decentralized economy.
Blockchain Meetup
with Stepan Gershuni
09 / 06 / 18
Yerevan, Armenia Elite Plaza Business Centre
KNOW More Starting the series of educational meetups, Stepan Gershuni will tell about the difference in the major blockchain platforms and examine their use cases.
Blockchain Meetup
with Artur Eolyan
18 / 06 / 18
Yerevan, Armenia Elite Plaza Business Centre
KNOW More Meet Artur Eolyan, Legal Expert in crypto, and take a deep dive into ICO, cryptoeconomy, and global market trends.

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11 04 2018

When we talk about the blockchain, we tend to associate it with finance, or cryptocurrency, to be exact. Surely, in the very beginning the blockchain technology was used as the general ledger for all bitcoin-related operations, but the developers are currently searching the ways of its implementation in other spheres. (more…)


Armenian Blockchain Forum is a part of ECOS project and the backbone of its educational initiative ECOS aims to create an integrated ecosystem for Blockchain and AI startups in Armenia.
We believe that Industry 4.0 technologies, e.g. blockchain, AI, machine learning and deep learning will boost the growth of small economies, enabling them to enter the global markets.
Ilya Goldberg
Managing Partner
Lusine Karapetyan
Director of Accelerating
and Educational Programs
Alexey Gorulyov
Business Development Director
Ani Kakoyan
Head of Legal
Irina Golovanova
Head of PR
Evgeny Gurvich
PR & Communications Manager
Sona Danielyan
Partnership & Sponsorship Manager
Eduard Sargsyan
Project Manager


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